Elvis in Charcoal #53 -64

I had planned to post something at least once a week on this blog. But since last year november things are going very well. Almost every Elvis in Charcoal drawing i made is sold. And thanks to Facebook I’ve got a list of assignments!
The drawings are selling very well in the Netherlands, the UK and the USA.

One of my major goals is to have one of my Elvis drawings in all the 50 states of the USA 🙂
I’ve send my work to the following states so far;
• Alabama 
• Arizona 
• California
• Connecticut
• Florida 
• Hawaii
• Idaho

• Illinois 
• Indiana
• Iowa 
• Maine 
• Maryland 
• Massachusets 
• Michigan
• Mississippi 
• Montana 
• New Hampshire 
• New Jersey 
• New York 
• North Carolina 
• Ohio 
• Pennsylvania 
• South Carolina 
• Tennessee 
• Texas 
• Utah 
• Virginia 
• Washington 
• Wisconsin
Only 21 to go…

On the image above you see Elvis in Charcoal no. 53 through 64.
You’ll find bigger images of the drawings on mysite, www.elvis-art.com

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