Email from a satisfied customer

Yesterday I received an email from an satisfied customer from England.
Here you can read a part of it:
“He was absolutely blown away! We got them framed at a framers my husband uses (he’s a photographer) and they looked stunning. His face was a picture actually! I told him all about your work and before the evening was over, he was measuring the wall and working out what to take down.

When we travelled to Memphis in 2002, a guy we met on the plane (also a big Elvis fan) said something to me that I had not thought about. He said that if someone likes i.e. Jon Bon Jovi or Chris de Burgh or any singer really, you don’t expect to go into their homes and find the place stacked high with memorabilia, however, if you meet someone who is an Elvis fan, you are not surprised when you go in and it is filled with pictures, models and other memorabilia. He was right. I suppose Marilyn, James Dean and maybe Michael Jackson are the only other stars who make this grade!

Well, my dad is exactly that. The house is somewhat of a shrine and quite famous locally! He’s got every model and bust you could find (worldwide), he’s got no space on any wall for pictures, he’s got every album he ever made and single (but no Sun records though) and he even has two seven foot statues of him in the living room (good job its big). This of course is entirely normal for myself and the other three siblings. We love him too.

I’m telling you this because I want you to understand the impact your drawings has had on him. He was really blown away by them. He has so much stuff that it is very hard to get him anything that is unique. That’s where your work came in. It was his 70th birthday (he’s still very young at heart though) and I wanted something special to mark it. I found it and am so delighted. They will take pride of place on his main wall. He is already taking some down and working out how he can fit them in elsewhere so he can display your work in their place.

I want to thank you for a very pleasant transaction, but most of all, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity of owning some of your work and giving it to him for his landmark birthday.”

This customer bought 2 drawings from the Jumpsuits & Stagewear serie, #07 – 1968 White “If i can dream” Suit and #74 – 1973 Aloha Bald Headed Eagle Suit.

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