I can finally show the latest assignment and EIC#230

February 5 until 11, 2020
Elvis painting by Rob de VriesOil painting
The assignment I was working on for a while now has arrives on it’s destination. It went to Ireland.
The reference image was very bad, unsharp and small. I looked everywhere for a better quality image but couldn’t find it anywhere.
But on the day that I decided to start this commission an image of excellent came by on Facebook!!
It made life easier…

No title
Oil on canvas,
40 x 30 cm.

Elvis in Charcoal
I gave “Elvis in Charcoal #230” another try. I tore it up last week. It is finished now but it was a tough one. I also started on “Elvis in Charcoal #231” but more about that in next weeks post.
Elvis in Charcoal drawing by Rob de Vries

Elvis in Charcoal #230, No title
Charcoal, ink, and White chalk on colored paper,
21 x 15 cm, 2020.

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